Monday, July 20, 2009

Yes log

I: I got my deposit card today.
Bev: Oh, you got your debit card.
I: Yes, the debit card.

So cold...

I'm right here in the library, UM's undergraduate library. I can feel nothing but cold now.

It has been bothering me when I started to study in the lab in Chem Building. The air conditioner has such a strong power that I cannot stand. I had to pull on the only long-sleeve clothes I have taken with me. But it's dirty now... I didn't wear it, so I'm frozen.

It has something to do with type of people. The white people often feel it's just ok wearing T-shirt under such a temperature, while we Chinese students are complaining that we haven't brought enough clothes.

Next time when I'm in the library, I will put on my thicker clothes, however dirty they are...