Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm happy being here doing research

I'm happy being here, enjoying the research work. To summarise what I'm doing, I'm playing with maths, physics, computer programming to achieve a chemistry goal. What a great fun!

Earlier I have already used optics to understand the experiment, used C language to learn to use matlab, used linear algebra to do data analysis. Today I used another tool, ordinary differential equations, to solve some kinetics problem after we assumed a model. (I helped in working out the equation dy/dx+p(x)y=f(x)).

Before, Many many many students claimed that physics, programming, and even some math were useless. Now, I'm using my example to argue it's not that case. If I had never learnt that, how could achieve this in these day's work?

It's really a feeling of achievement. Keep studying, treating everything with full devotion. One day we may use the seemingly useless thing!

I'm really happy here doing research work.

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  1. Well, I'm impressed. I certainly never knew you could get so much use out of all three of those things! (However: I feel sure that you can do MUCH better things with them than I ever could! :) )