Friday, July 31, 2009

The poster session

The poster session finished. Frankly speaking, it's a little bit disappointing.

Each of us has spent at least 2 or 3 days on this poster. It took me nearly a whole week to do this: from designing to finally having it printed out. Dr. Sension's group have also devoted much time to help me and Kaitlin to finish our poster in case of any slightly mistakes.

However, the result turns out to be not so satisfying.

I was in the second group which started the time when the first finished. I walked around and asked some questions during the first group's presentation time. When it was my time, seldom did any people come. There are several reasons: first, there weren't so many faculty members Notre Dame University taking part in this session, most of them were students; second, I was doing research on physical chemistry which has less attractive molecular structures and more boring mathematics compared with organic chemistry, which made some people just quietly pass over my poster and fix their eyes on other more visual posters; third, I was arranged at a place in the middle of nowhere, it took some efforts to find me.

Anyway, it was worse than expected. How I wish I could have an opportunity to do an oral presentation! But I didn't...

But, after all, it's finished. My research should be carried on and my GRE should start. Heavy burden...

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  1. Aww! How disappointing! Well, at least you can be content with the fact that you did a LOT of work for it, and if anybody *had* asked you about it, you could have given them a lot of useful information! So the fault was all theirs for not being interested enough to ask :)