Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shopping at Kroger

A small shopping at Kroger took me 2 hours. Is it worthwhile?

Buses here are quite different from those in China. They will travel according to a schedule that has been made previously. We may need to wait for an hour to get on a bus. So, it's quite an accident to miss one.

I think the population accounts for the difference. In Beijing or some other cities in China, you may expect another bus full of people even if the provious one has just left for not a few minutes. But here, though only one bus in an hour, you can still find that over half of the seats are empty. China has a large population, more buses are necessary.

So, in this, I like China better. Inspite of the crowdness in bus and the frequent traffic jam, I can go wherever I like without waiting at the bus stop worrying about whether I can get on a bus. Maybe next time, I should plan my shopping trip before I set off.

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