Friday, July 17, 2009

Trip to Pfizer

Yesterday we went on a trip to Pfizer, a famous pharmaceutic factory. But acturally I knew nothing about it before we were given some introductions...

We were divided into 4 groups after several overview speeches. Then we ate our lunch. A sanwich and some cookies are not enough for me... I still wanted more, but no more. After that, we got the lab coat and protection glasses. The glasses were so tight, they made me feel a pain. We were told that it is really cold in the factory before we went there. So we put on too much clothes. However, we were cheated. It was so warm in the factory.

Following the tour guide and listening to different people talking about their work with so many specialty terms with such a high speaking speed could really make me feel exausted. I tried to be focused at first, but finally I give up. Thinking about some good things, such as food , travelling... made the time go faster. I have to say sorry to the speackers for not being able to be focused on their speech any more.

But I still have some gains. Although I couldn't understand totally, I could see so many advanced equipments. The big, clean, complexed factory is worthy to be a well-known one.

I don't know Chinese pharmaceutical factories, so, no comparison, no more conclusion...

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